My Very First Stage Managing Gig

15220181_380950658915799_1337853302027479138_nWell okay. Since we are on a blog post, and not an actual interview….ehh, let’s just say I stretched the truth a little. So this was indeed my first experience with anything like this, that part is true. But the other part “stage managing gig” may or may not be a little stretch of my ever-so-vivid imagination.

You see, I have a cousin who goes by the stage name of Sixx Williams>> Yep, if you’re thinking to yourself it’s either me or that light-skinned guy with the headphones, it’s him. My cousin <3> If anyone cared to know, who is in the concert business. He puts up graphics for concerts and gets to control them at the touch of his hand with a little board of really cool buttons that light up.

Much like the one I am fawning at in this video. Okay, exactly like the one I am fawning at in this video. While my cousin went to go talk to one of the artists for the upcoming show, he entrusted me to press the button!!!!

The button basically broadcasted a welcome, and I remember I was to press it at exactly 9:00 p.m. Memories ….. =)


Background Information: This concert was in Dayton, OH at the Schuster Center. The concert was a gospel concert led by none other than Mr. Fred Hammond! The title of the tour the show was under was called “Festival of Praise”. You can purchase tickets for the tour here:


And basically, although it technically wasn’t a show I was doing or getting paid for, hello I am still a minor, I was able to job-shadow and gain some real-life experience. And even at the end of the day, I only got to interact with the show by touching a button,, oh well. What an awesome experience to be able to be trusted to put those graphics up by myself. For those of you who are aware, I volunteer at my church bi-weekly to be a media producer for each service. It was really nice to see all the volunteer hard work I did there come into play because it was like the same thing when I went and did this concert. Except the mediums were a little different, I am used to working with ProPresenter, this was a completely new software that had a more complex lighting system attached.

Next blog post, I will be talking about my ACTUAL first gig. The artist’s name is Ryan Stevenson, and he has chart toppers on popular Christian radio stations such as Air One and KLOVE. We have another Christian concert coming to the area, and I will be presiding over it as the stage manager. So excited! Buy your tickets here

I might even get to meet them! Forget that, as long as I can get in for free, we are cool. Man, speaking of that, I wish I had a picture of myself and Fred Hammond! I got to meet him, but there was no time for a picture. Take my word for it, I guess =) See you in my next post!